Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying out some dystopian lit for size

Guest post written by John Byrd

Most of the time I like crime thrillers like John Grisham and stuff like that. They're just pretty exciting and also there are a ton of them in airport bookstores, which is where I make most of my book purchases. (I fly a lot for business.)

But the last time that I was on the plane I saw this guy reading a really interesting looking book and I looked it up on my phone after we landed and learned it a was a dystopian novel. It sounded interesting I just wish that I had remembered what the title was. I went online to try and figure it out a few years ago and when I was doing that I came across the website I read through it some, sent the link to my wife and we decided to change over our internet service to the provider.

I decided to start out with the basics for dystopian lit and bought a few Kurt Vonnegut books, which I've always heard good things about.