Friday, August 22, 2008

MIA once again.

Wow, I have really been missing in action lately. I'm really sorry. I haven't had the time to write a post on either this blog or my other blog Spicybugz World. People probably think I fell off the face of the earth or something. Well, I guess maybe I kind of did.

I have had a head/chest cold...and a killer cough. The kids are growing and even the baby is active now. He can crawl and boy can he do it fast! He is now 5 mo old and growing like a weed. So much so that his Dr put him on baby food already. Bottles just aren't enough for him anymore. On top of that he is cutting teeth. I already went thru this with Mini Bug, and I am so not looking forward to it again. But it's going to happen whether I like it or not. Those teeth are going to come, let's just hope they come fast. The kid seems to be doing everything early and fast, so I'm hoping the teething will also. He went from an always smiling happy baby, to a cryyyyyyyyyyyyyying most of the time baby. Hard on the nerves I tell ya. But it's harder on him, poor guy.

Mini Bug is talking words that I understand more and more. She reminds me of a parrot. She will repeat word for word everything I say, when I say it. But when she is talking on her own, I can only catch a word or two. It will come, all in due time.

Faye is here, nothing to really write about. It's raining a little bit, the wind is blowing a little bit...that's about it. Thank goodness.

So that's about it for now...see ya in the next post :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magnetic Car Signs

Looking for Magnetic car signs to help advertise your business? You need look no further than Vista Print. They have 2 sizes to chose from, Small 11.25"x 8.5" and Large 17.3" x 11.25" They also have a guide for care and maintenance.

I have ordered from Vista Print in the past, for business cards and posties with our business logo on them. I can tell you straight up front, that everything that we have ordered from them, came high quality and super fast. They are always having great deals, and free giveaways. I like this company. We plan on using them again and again, you just can't beat their prices and deals.

If you are looking for Magnetic car signs Vista Print offers full color printing to help you advertise your business on your automobile. They also have over 100 magnetic design plates to chose from or you can upload your own graphics or logo. Very simple, easy, hassle free.

As I said, they are always offering deals and freebies. Right now, they are offering 25% off on Car Door Magnets. Use coupon code: CarDoor25 to get your 25% off Car Door Magnets. The prices are already low, and an additional 25% off is a great deal.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Asshole Son, Keep Feeding Your Head

Remember this picture? I posted it on Hellonheels many moons ago. This is asshole #2 son and his girl. They thought it was funny to send me this picture.
I didn't think it was very funny then, and I still don't. My son's nic is Sykez and he calls me mama sykez. (gag).

I am now the mother of their two children. Better take that finger down girly.

Hey Sykez..this one is for you!

You Two, Just Keep Feeding your Heads! Don't let anything like a lil life get in your way!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Own or Not to Own

If your looking for a window covering franchise you need look no further than My Franchise Path
In fact My Franchise Path is all about matching people like you and me the right franchise.

My husband has been talking to me for the past 10 years or so about owning our own business. Mainly me. I like the idea, and I have rolled some ideas around in my head, but I just don't know what I would like to do. For me, I couldn't own a business in anything that I wasn't totally interested in. It would have to be something I love. For example a car repair franchise would be absurd for me.

While searching for franchise opportunities I am leaning more towards the food industry. I wouldn't mind owning a food franchise.

If I went with My Franchise Path, they would take all the guess work out of it. They have highly trained consultants that would gather our information, and let us know what kind of franchise would work best for us. They would let us know what three franchises would be ideal for us. This is all free. They will even register us with the three franchises that they recommended. Again free. They are with you the whole way on choosing the right franchise for you. You never pay them a fee.

It's taken me 10 years to try to figure out what I would like to do, and I don't think I will be suddenly making that decision over night, especially since I am now raising children again. Somewhere in the near future, I will be making that decision and I will keep this site and these guys in mind. Free is Free and I have nothing to lose.

Candy Girl Likes to Tease

Candy Girl went to the groomer today. If you don't remember or new here and don't know. Candy Girl is our Shih Tzu.

Dr. Corny bought her for me 3 years ago. She was only 3 pounds when he brought her into the house, and said here bug. Well, it was love at first site. She had me at hello.

She was my baby, and to this very day I do believe she thinks she is human. She doesn't know she is a dog and we don't have the heart to tell her.

Shih Tzu's take a lot of work with grooming. Her hair is (was) beautiful and long, flowing down to the floor. It has to be brushed once a day. Shih Tzu's had a double coat, the top being soft and fine and more like human hair, the under coat, like cotton.

I have been so busy taking care of the kids, that poor Candy Girl has been neglected as far as grooming goes. I looked at her the other day and about had a stroke. She had taken her paws(nails) and literally teased her whole head. Remember in the 60's when women used to tease their hair with a teasing comb so that they could have those huge bee hives? Yeah, kinda like that. She had it teased to the skin. Matted. There was no way I could comb that out.

So off she went to the groomer today and once again, poor Candy Girl had to get shaved. Mini Bug is still staring at her in amazement wondering what happened to her. I said, where did Candy Girlz hair go, Mini Bug looks up at me all confused and says in her broken English, I dun kno.

Ahhh well. Hair grows.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Running Shoes

When your looking for a sale on line, you need look no further than ShopWiki UK!. Most shopping sites, will only show you the stores that have paid to be placed on their site. ShopWiki, has over 3000 stores to shop from. That's a lot of shopping! I like being able to go to one site, and find everything. I just simple don't have the time to keep searching and searching.

I was looking for a good pair of running shoes, I have flat feet, and finding shoes that don't hurt my feet is a chore. There was even a runners buying guide at ShopWiki. That was very useful, and informative.

I found the site very easy to navigate, and fast loading, I have no patience, and usually move on when a site takes forever to load, that was not the case here. I actually found the perfect pair of running shoes, and there were many to chose from.

So, whatever you are looking for, you can find it at Shopwiki, and you will find the best deals and prices around.

Kids and a Pool

Things are so crazy around here, I can't keep a straight thought. Mini Bug is going thru the terrible two's true to form. She's got more energy then the Energizer Bunny. She keeps going and going and going.

Mighty Bug is growing like a weed. He turned 5 months old and is huge. He can almost sit up by himself and I had to start him on rice cereal this week, because the formula just wasn't enough. He is always hungry. He is a beautiful baby, and very happy, unless he has gas, then he is the baby from hell. But once burped or he toots, he is back to smiling and cooing and drooling.

I have a huge pool, you all have seen many pictures of it. It's a cement in ground Olympic size diving pool. Guess's losing water. I have no clue what the problem could be, but I did call a Pool leak specialist and they are coming Monday to do a dye test and hopefully get it fixed. Urrghhh just what we needed. More bills. I hope it's just something real simple. I never get lucky like that tho.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Savannah Southern Hospitality

I have been in Savannah Georgia many many times. I have only slept there! Each time we would drive down to Florida from PA we would end up stopping for the night in Savannah, then continue on the next morning to FL.

I want to visit Savannah, and really get to vacation there. I have been in other towns in Georgia, like Atlanta and Helen. Helen being my all time favorite. I will write about Helen Georgia soon. But I have never got to experience Savannah.

My most favorite TV Chef Paula Deen is in Savannah, I love that old broad. I want to experience first hand true Savannah southern hospitality. I have read that Savannah is where you'll find amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries and rich history. Sounds like a great place for us to go for a short vacation. I would like to get to go some where this year, but we can't really take a lot of time off. Dr. Corny starts his Ph.D program this fall, and with his working full time, taking classes full time, and dealing with me and the kids, time is not on our side.

But a long weekend to Savannah would be ideal. Of course I like things planned in advance. While searching on line for attractions and fun things to do and see in Savannah Georgia I came across Savannah tours. Guess what! They even have a Paula Deen Tour! I can get the tickets at Savannah tour tickets. It also includes a buffet lunch at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.

At Savannah tours I can plan my whole Savannah vacation. They have many tours to chose from, enough to keep us busy and enjoying all that Savannah has to offer. I really like the River Boat Dinner Cruise and the River Boat Siteseeing Cruise. I can order them also at Savannah tour tickets

Monday, August 4, 2008


I can remember playing this game on Nintendo years and years and years ago. My boys were young and I would play with them for hours trying to defeat this game. It was loads of fun. This widget isn't the best, but it was fun playing