Thursday, August 30, 2007

As I posted before, we tore the front deck down and rebuilt it. It took a lot longer because Dr. Corny didn't have any extra hands to help him. So he had to do it alone, which is no easy task.I took a picture while standing on the floor of the deck that was already done, I didn't look at that picture until just now and it gave me the creeps. I swear I see a face in this picture....can you see it or have I gone totaly bonkers? If that is a face, how in the hell did it get in the picture? There wasn't any one here when I took it, just me and mini bug. It's really freaky looking. Can you see it? Any ideas? Click on the picture to see it larger..I haven't changed it in any way.I swear, if that is a face, I am out of here like a speeding bullet!I sent Hippychic the photo because she is the only one I know who is smart about photography.This is what she did with the picture...this freaks me out even more, because...that is my freaking camera in the picture. She said, this would happen if I took the picture out of a window. Ok...but I was standing outside, not looking thru a window...and that ISNT ME!!!! Who in the hell is it? I'm going to stand inside and try to take the exact same picture tomorrow and see what it looks like. This is mind boggling to me..and that persons face in this picture is very freaky to me...makes the hair on my arms stand up. I 100% camera stupid, but I do know where I was when I took this picture and it was out on my deck...and that isn't my face taking the freaking picture. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Moon

I don't care if your moon doesn't look like this tonight. This is how MY moon looks. I went outside with my new trusty camera...and snapped several pictures of the moon while talking to Hippy. This is what I got. I think the moon over my house, is well...unique hahahha.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Love

HI! I'm back.
Has anyone else been watching this series on HBO? I absolutely love this show. I don't watch a lot of TV, and I didn't think I would care for this show at all, but I was so wrong. This show moves each and every one of my emotions. It is entertaining to watch this series side of Polygamy. The actors are great. Is anyone else watching this? Any opinions?
Big Love stars Bill Paxton ("Twister," "A Simple Plan"), Jeanne Tripplehorn ("The Firm"), ChloĆ« Sevigny (Oscar®-nominated for "Boys Don't Cry," "Dogville"), Ginnifer Goodwin ("Walk the Line," "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!"), Harry Dean Stanton ("The Green Mile," "Anger Management"), Bruce Dern ("Monster") and Grace Zabriskie ("Twin Peaks"). Other regulars include Amanda Seyfried ("Mean Girls"), Shawn Doyle ("Don't Say a Word") Daveigh Chase ("Lilo & Stitch"), Joel McKinnon Miller ("After the Sunset"), Douglas Smith ("Sleepover"), Melora Walters ("Cold Mountain") and Jolean Wejbe ("Gilmore Girls"). Also featured: Mary Kay Place ("Sweet Home Alabama"), Matt Ross ("Good Night, and Good Luck") and Tina Majorino ("Napoleon Dynamite").

Thursday, August 16, 2007

On Hiatus

Sorry Folks. Nothing to read here. I'm on a Hiatus until I decide if I want to keep this blog running, delete it or make a new one.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bug Has Bugs

During a break in the rain we had on Friday, I went outside to grab a smoke. I was sitting on my lounge chair when I happened to notice something moving in one of my Palm plants on the deck. I got up, and took a closer look and almost shit myself when this thing moved. It was a huge bug!What the hell kind of Bug is this????? Click on each of the pictures to get a closer and better's mean looking! It was looking at me, looking at it. I'm traumatized!!!!