Thursday, December 8, 2005

Who Am I?

I went outside this evening after a strong snow storm. The wind was still blowing but the snow had ended.As I stood out on my deck, with the wind whipping my hair all around. I got lost in thought, as I often do. Who am I a small voice whispered in my head. I then saw a sparkling diamond, shimmering in the sun.Who am I? I am your neighbor, the girl next door. I am the Nurse at your doctors office, the cashier at the grocery store. I am the grandmother down the road who bakes cookies and apple pies. I am the lonely house wife who sits home remembering when children used to run thru the house. I am the sexy model on TV.I AM that diamond. And like that diamond I have many sparkling facets. I can’t be put in a box and labeled as one thing. Each time you look at me, you will see a new and amazing color.Watch me Shine. 12/05